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Everyone Should Go To Skid Row

Good news.  I had a pitch accepted today.  So this means I have another freelance job.  Still need more though.  So tomorrow morning, I will be back at it again, pitching and searching like crazy.  And as I wrote a little bit ago, I’m going to be sharing the successes and failures, no matter how big or small.

And I received the news when I was on the 710 on my way to Skid Row.  I spent the evening around San Pedro, wandering around the streets and then volunteering at the Union Rescue Mission.  Heron was bit nervous, and she called a lot.  It was an amazing experience.  I was looking for a story, and I am hoping that someone will want to buy my story, so I won’t share too much yet.  There might be a piece here; there might not.  I do, in the meantime, have a couple of photos that I would like to share.

Big shout out to Shane Coyle for bringing me along.  It’s great to see that there is a person out there so committed to change and service.  Click more too see the photos.  Continue reading “Everyone Should Go To Skid Row”