1,000 Hits & My Mission to Write About the Port Was Accomplished

So last week, I was heading to the Port of Long Beach quite a bit to chase down leads and interview people.  I wasn’t exactly sure if the leads would lead to publications, but my hard work has been rewarded.  I published two pieces in the last few days at the Long Beach Post.  Check them out if you have time.  Here they are:

Community Hopes for Re-Berth of Beloved Port Side Restaurant

Local Coalition Tries to Organize Misclassified Truckers 

They are both meaningful pieces, at least to me and hopefully others, because I believe working people, blue-collar people, labor problems, small businesses, the poetry in work are important issues.  Maybe it has something to do with where I’m from.

As for the piece on the trucker misclassification, well, that might have stirred up a bit of controversy, which is great.  All I hope to do is bring up some issues.  I don’t really have a side.

Speaking of where I from, my buddy from back home called me and told me I needed to get my facts straight…lol.  We talked, and it was a great discussion.  He brought up some great points, but one thing that was clear, things are different in California than they are back home.  Now, maybe you’re saying, “No shit, Joe.”  But home, now, sort of seems like it defines my perspective on many things I encounter, at lease until something new changes those preconceived notions.

Enough about that.  I was excited to have the pieces published, and I’m also pumped to represent the Long Beach Post.  It’s a great paper, and the people who work there have a ton of passion.  And that’s not to be ignored.

Well, I had some other good news.  Yesterday, my blog went over 1,000 hits.  That’s pretty special, and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for being a part of the beginning of my journey.  Sometimes, I freak out a bit — unable to predict the future.  But your support, honestly, means the world to me.

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