I just got done reading some poetry at Pizza Pi in Long Beach.  There’s an open mic night, and it’s actually pretty great.  Some great music and slam poetry.  Really enjoyed it.  Heron even came.  She gave me a bunch of shit for not having health insurance though.  That’s one thing you need to think about as a freelance writer — medical bills.  It’s scary to not have protection.  I play a lot of basketball, and I’m kind of the rebounder, hustling type of baller.

For the record, I did call and pay for my first month of health insurance.  So I will follow up in the morning.

I did have some excellent news today.  I had a pitch accepted at Pacific Standard magazine.  It’s the biggest publication I’ve had yet.  But I need to really bust my ass and write the piece before I talk to much about it.  You never know, pieces can get killed.  Plus, tomorrow, my piece on Joseph Mattson comes out at the LA Weekly.  Really excited.  I just need to keep this momentum going.

I’ve had a couple slices of pizza, two beers, and I’m ready for bed.  Goodnight everyone.

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