Coheed and Cambria Slideshow

So this Friday, I went to the Coheed and Cambria concert with Heron, and she took some amazing photos.  Check them out in the slide show.  Plus, my review will go live tomorrow at the OC Weekly.

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After the event, Heron and I went to The Stache Bar on 4th Street.  I had an old-fashioned, and she had some sort of ginger beer, rum, mint concoction.  We have a friend that swears by the bartender there, and it’s probably one of the best places I’ve been to in the LBC to have a drink.  I really don’t mind spending my money there.

Well, it’s Sunday night, and I had some buddies in town from college this afternoon.  Going to go to bed early.  Denise Lanier, the author of Wonky Woman on a Bent Bike, will be stopping by.  We might do some cross blogging.

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