Kanye West Declares 2nd Verse in ‘New Slaves’ Greatest Ever

Kanye West decided to take to Twitter and declare the second verse of his new song, “New Slaves,” to be the greatest verse in the history of rap music.

West is known for having a gigantic ego. It wasn’t that long ago he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMAs.


So how did people respond to Kanye’s latest claim?

It’s hard to know if Kanye is just using Twitter to keep his new album, “Yeezus,” trending (he is a genius at self promotion) — or if he actually believes his tweet. You decide:

I personally love what he is saying about corporations and the ideas over an unconscious hierarchy of class, but I don’t think his rhymes are any better than when he was rapping about sipping sizurp and not going to college. His ego is making me not want to listen to his music.

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