Cute Pics of Animals on a Conservation in North Florida

The other day I visited White Oak, one of the world’s premier wildlife conservation facilities, which is 30 miles north of Jacksonville, Florida. I was able to visit such an incredible facility that spans 10,000 acres because of my sister (I hate to write the word “in-law” [really diminishes the idea of family, no?]) and future brother (insert same frustrations here) work there. They took us around White Oak, telling us about how rhinoceros are unfairly poached for their horns and the difficulty of breeding birds in captivity. What’s most enthralling is how much space each animal has to roam, and I was able to take some photos of these cute animals on a conservation. See my eight photos below.

1. I’m Ready for My Close-Up

Cheetah Close Up One

2. The Old Lady Tiger

Tiger at White Oak

3. Run, Baby Rhino, Run

Run Babby Rhino Run

4. The Cheetah Relaxing

Cheetah pounce

5. The Rhino in the Dark

Rhino in the dark

6. Mooning the Camera, Landscape

Rhino Landscape

7. Don’t Even Think About It

Cheetah eating

8. In Love or Fighting?

The Rhino Fight

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