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Five Musicians I’m Listening to this Week

So I love to listen to music and write.  It’s something that just makes sense for me.  It makes the process work.  I’ll be writing a piece later this week about music to listen to while you study, but here’s just some songs that I’ve been enjoying the last couple days.

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New Pieces and Flying Lotus

Well, it’s the beginning of a new week, and I’m excited about getting back to work.  Tomorrow I’m going to send out a bunch of pitches for some larger pieces, and I’ll work on the freelancing blogging/ghost writing work.  I’m excited to find out what’s going to happen next.  I have a feeling something is about to change for the better.

This weekend was cool.  On Friday, I went to Club Nokia to review a Flying Lotus concert.  It was pretty incredible, but overall, I think I like his albums best.  Plus, I heard this band with Adrian Younge.  They were incredible — a jazz fusion amalgamation that is infused with Otis-Redding soul.  I feel like I’m really coming into contact with some amazing music. Also, on Saturday, zombies took over Long Beach, and I heard some interesting punk bands, including The Undead Kennedys.

Check out my new pieces in the morning on the Zombie take-over in the LBC and my review of FlyLo.  In the meantime, enjoy this video.