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Chinatown and My Independence Day

Last night, I celebrated my Independence Day and the beginning of my journey as a freelance writer with a trip to Chinatown to cover Matjames Metson’s assemblage show and read poetry with Slake.  It was an amazing night.  And not just because of the art show, but because the city was booming with people.   Kids were banging on drums, and dragons were dancing in between the pedestrians.  Check out the photos taken by my lady.

Really loved having the opportunity to read my poem, “Before the Week Ahead,” with Slake.  It was a poem about the anxiety I felt driving to work on the 405 from Long Beach to Woodland Hills.  Sort of felt like a moment of freedom to read this poem — almost a declaration of Independence.  (Heard Craig Gaines use this phrase, and I borrowed it.)

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Last Day of Work, Matjames Metson, and Slake Poets

Today is my last day of work as an academic coach.  I’ve been working at a rehab center for drug and alcohol addicts and teaching creative writing, and it has been an incredible experience, which I will continue to write about and allow to change my life.  And over the next couple of days, I will be chronicling this goodbye as I start my career as a freelance writer.

And as luck would have it, I’ll start this journey with a bang.  On Saturday in Chinatown, I will be reading poetry at Matjames Metson’s Method Attic—a one-night event showcasing Metson’s art at Coagula.  For the event, Slake: Los Angeles has set up a stellar lineup of poets, including one of my favorite LA poets, John Tottenham.  I’m honored to be a part of it.  Check the flyer below and come to Coagula if you’re in L.A.  Plus, there will be live music and a festive atmosphere in Chinatown.  Don’t miss it!