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Episode 4: Tom Pitts on Los Angeles, Noir, Work, and Eating Wads


Tom Pitts received his education firsthand on the streets of San Francisco. He remains there, writing, working, and trying to survive. His shorts have been published in the usual spots by the usual suspects. His novella,Piggyback, is available from Snubnose Press. Tom is also co-editor at OOTG’s Flash Fiction Offensive. Read more of his work at http://tom-pitts.blogspot.com.

Five Hilarious Videos From Dan Le Batard and His Dad

It’s been somewhat serious on the blog lately, and I want to lighten it up with five hilarious videos from Dan Le Batard’s show, Highly Questionable.  Plus, I’m tired.  Who doesn’t love Papi?  So here they are:

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