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Litball and Los Angeles

Writing is a solitary act — of course — but today, I had the chance to step away from pitching, writing, and the desk to be a part of a community of writers.  At the Elysian Valley Recreational Center, Black Clock, Slake, Los Angeles Review of Books, The Rattling Wall, and Red Hen Press participated in one hell of a softball tournament.  Slake and LARB ended up joining forces to engineer a super team more epic than the current Lakers’ Big 4 and, somewhat unfairly, take the LA Litball Crown, which was not actually a crown, or anything at all.

Champions.  Team Slarb.

I helped organize the event, and honestly, I was a bit nervous about the turnout because of the heat.  But all my worries dissolved when I arrived at the field thirty minutes early and saw Red Hen Press already practicing in their fresh uniforms.  Plus, my buddy, David Gonzalez from Miami, showed up in some boat shoes and umped the game. Continue reading “Litball and Los Angeles”