This appeared on “The Sirens Song.” I talk about the inspiration behind my latest horror story: “The Castle on the Hill.”

The Sirens Song

At the end of September, Sirens Call Publications released Mental Ward: Echoes of the Past. Twelve authors wrote stories that will take seat in your mind and chill you to the bone. As with all of our anthologies, we like to learn why the authors wrote their particular stories and invite them all to write something that speaks to their inspiration. The Castle on the Hill was Joseph A. Lapin’s contribution and he has agreed to step into the past with us and tell us what made the story speak to him. But before we get to that, let’s learn a little more about Joseph…

Joe BioJoseph Lapin is a journalist, author, and poet living in Los Angeles, California. He is a contributing writer at the LA Weekly, and his work has appeared inSalon, The Rattling Wall, Pacific Standard, OC Weekly, Sliver of Stone Magazine, The Village Voice, and Literary…

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