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Breast Cancer Run and Trying to Pitch National Magazines

I’m writing this post in anxious anticipation of the Patriots vs. Ravens game.  I need to represent where I’m from.  And earlier this morning, I was representing another cause — breast cancer awareness.

While I’m not entirely sure if running a 5k race at Fashion Island in Irvine, California, can actually make an impact in breast cancer awareness, I did enjoy being a part of thousands of people wearing pink and honoring a cause.  It was amazing, to think, that so many people had been touched by this illness.  Some people were running through the crowd and holding pictures to memorialize their loved.  That was incredible.  Keeping memories alive, seem to me, to be one of the most important rites we can provide to our deceased family.  Right now, I’m thinking of my grandfather, Joseph Lapin, who died of lung cancer.  I never met him.  But I know him.

Today, there was another type of person at the Breast Cancer run who I found stole some of the headlines. There were actually people protesting the race.  They were holding signs, saying, “Wake up.  There is no cure.  Just big business.”  I couldn’t help but wonder, “How do we know that all our donations go to breast cancer research?”  I put that thought out of my mind.  And I just ran through Fashion Island, corporations surrounding me on all sides, and ignored the fact that Chevron sponsored the event.  Too many awkward questions were running through my mind.  So I chose to focus on the incredible people, the memories, the hope for a cure.

To shift gears a bit, I’d like to talk a bit about what’s happening with freelancing.  While I have been receiving some local success, it’s clear that the best financial and career freelance opportunities are with national magazines.  When I started, I couldn’t figure out how to pitch these national magazines.  I sort of thought, “Why the hell would they answer me?”

So, I started to do some research, and I came across Mediabistro — suggested by some writing connections and a random person on twitter.   Well, it’s been huge.  They tell you how to pitch to national magazines right on their site, and they tell you where the best sections in the publications are to start.

Well, to my surprise, I heard back from some of these magazines.  I didn’t even think they would respond.  One magazine passed, and another actually responded with some questions.  I hope something will happen.  Stay tune to find out.